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Height Adjustment Table – Manual & Motorized

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Height Adjustment Table – Manual & Motorized

Our Height Adjustment Table comes in two types- Manual and Motorized. These adjustment tables are essential to give a comfortable working experience in the office. People spend most of their office time with their chairs and tables. Hence, if the table does not fit with the body posture, it can cause muscular pain and back pain issues. Our Innofitt Height Adjustable Table has been equipped with a convenient control panel, an LED Display, and 4 memory preset. Hence, your employees can adjust the table to their comfort. Our table will help you to work comfortably without any discomfort. The way the table has been designed and crafted will help your office tasks free of any disturbance.



It’s said that office workers spend up to 8-9 hours of each workday sitting. With this level of inactivity on the chair, a whole host of serious problems cannot be far behind. Muscular problems, back issues, poor blood circulation, brittle bones, obesity, diabetes, heart disease; the list is just the beginning. So what’s the solution It’s simple. Alternate between standing & sitting positions with Innofitt Height Adjustable Table Equipped with a convenient control panel, an LED Display and 4 memory presets, your employees can adjust the table to the height they are most comfortable with, achieving a level of workplace health, comfort and productivity that you will have to experience to believe So take the health of your office in your hands today and start standing right away!




Our Motorized Height Adjustment Table has a load-bearing capacity of 120 kg comprising 2/3 stage with two motors and four memory. Height Adjustment can be done between 640 to 1290mm. The height adjustment control panel consists of four memory presets, up/down buttons for manual height adjustment and digital display of height. The Manual Height Adjustment Table comprises two stages with height adjustment between 680 to 1130 mm. It has an 80 kg lifting capacity with a speed of 8 mm/second.


Cant find the answer?

Is your height adjustment table user-friendly?
Our height adjustment table is very easy to adjust to your desired height.
What is the load-bearing capacity of your height adjustment table?
The Motorized table has a load-bearing capacity of 120 kg and the manual table has a lifting capacity of 80 kg.
List some unique features of your height adjustment tables.
Our table has control panels, memory presets, and other aspects to give a comfortable sitting and working condition.
How crucial is a height adjustment table in an office?
Spending hours sitting and working demands the right adjustment table to avoid joint pains and other health hazards.