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Chairs – Office, Cafe & Visitor

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Chairs – Office, Cafe & Visitor

Our chairs are ideated and manufactured to offer a wide range of advantages. It suits perfectly across various places-office, café and visitors. Our chairs are a perfect combination of the right materials that work efficiently for the long term. We choose the best quality plywood. This high-pressure compressed plywood will have maximum resistance that helps it to deliver the best performance for years. We always use high-quality materials to make the product highly durable. We utilize BIFMA-certified branded gas lights and Taiwan’s twin-wheel nylon castor. We also pick the branded PP components and molded PU foams in making the chairs. It has an 800 kg load-bearing capacity. In case of necessity, we also provide the BIFMA standard based on request.

  • High pressure compressed plywood
  • Branded gas lift (BIFMA Certified)
  • Taiwan’s twin wheel nylon castor (BIFMA Certified)
  • Branded PP Components
  • Moulded PU foams
  • Base with 800kg Load Bearing Capacity, We also provide BIFMA standard base on Request


Cant find the answer?

What are the notable features of the chairs from E-cube?
Our chairs are known for their ability to work efficiently for years. It is possible due to our high-quality materials.
What is the load bearing capacity of your chairs?
The chairs from E-cube have a load-bearing capacity of up to 800 kg.
What is the quality of the materials you use in manufacturing?
We use BIFMA-certified materials in the manufacturing process to deliver high-quality products to our customers.
How do your chairs stand apart from those of other companies?
We implement highly efficient methods in manufacturing chairs that will stay fresh and free of corrosion for years.