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Double Glass / Board Full Height Aluminium Partition Channels

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Double Glass / Board Full Height Aluminium Partition Channels

Our full height partition is made up of double glass 65 mm thick and consistent aluminium profile. It easily enhances the look of an office atmosphere with its unique bold look. Alongside, it is also aesthetically pleasing thereby delivering a cool look. Notably, it can easily accommodate any office partitioning situations. It is made up of best quality aluminium that makes it stay new and free of corrosion for years. Handling our full height partition is quite easy. From assembling to dismantling and re-assembling, you have to invest minimum time and effort. Our product is completely environmentally-friendly. Thus, Full Height double glass aluminium partition from E-Cube have a wide range of advantages.


All the electrical work is done through partition which will not be visible. It is made of the best quality aluminium in the market that guarantees a longer lifetime than usual. It is made up of materials that are environmentally-friendly. Our anodized product is waterproof and heat resistant. Its best acoustic rating makes it highly resistant to sounds. So, our product is worth your money in all ways


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Will Your Product fit for an office setup?
Yes. Our product is planned and crafted to fit perfectly for office spaces. So, choosing it always works efficiently.
What is the durability of your product?
Our product is made of the best materials that will make it work efficiently for years. So, our product is worth your money.
Mention any unique feature of your product.
The necessary electrical works are done through partition that will not be visible outside. So, our product will deliver a better look.
Will your product accommodate any office space?
Yes, our product will accommodate any office space easily. We design and customize in the way that fits perfectly with all office types.