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Open office workstation Accessories

We deliver all the necessary open office workstation accessories. Our CPU Solutions accessory is a highly compact design. It is highly flexible as it comes with options where the CPU can be attached to the desk and to the floor. Our Popup box acts as the entire power source for your workstation by enabling instant connectivity to cables and hardware. We offer lacquered glass privacy panels that give utmost privacy and a calm environment for people in their workplace. It also comes in various colors and designs. Our lacquered glass holders partitions act as a separator providing the necessary privacy to the workers. They are movable and can be utilized as sliding markers.

Unique Features

MS Modesty Panel is designed perfectly to give sufficient workspace for people without stepping into the leg space of neighbors. Vertebrae give complete safety and security to handle cables and wires. Our grommets are designed perfectly to make the wiring and connections neat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our footrests will give your legs complete relaxation and reduce pain and fatigue.
Our accessories work exceptionally well to give the workers complete comfort in carrying out their tasks.
Privacy panels and glass holders are exclusively designed to provide a completely peaceful setting for the workers.